Ghost Kidz | Big Bag ft. Armani Caesar

Get ready for the next chapter in the Ghost Kidz saga! This time, LiL' ILL and Filth-E get a sneak attack from Armani Caesar in the video for "Big Bag." In this entry from Academy Award-nominee Robert Valley, New York is the destination for stylized larger-than-life 3D action. Check it out and don't miss the cataclysmic twenty story tall twerk!
  • Director

    Robert Valley

  • Executive Producer

    Stefanie Bitton

  • Producer

    Frédérique Parenteau

  • Production Coordinator

    Stefen Lamontagne

  • Technical Coordinator

    Elisa Cura

  • Concept, animatic and designs

    Robert Valley

  • Matte Painting & Design

    Michael Renaud, David Goldstyn

  • CG Supervisor

    Kim Fredette

  • Animation Supervisor

    Wiley Townsend

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For this project we had time to build a workflow with our growing team, and realized there wasn't much that we couldn't achieve. We were able to let the creative suggest some pretty wild things. The end result is BIG: big environments, big fx, crazy animations, awesome motion graphics... the total package.







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