IGA Holiday 2022

IGA’s holiday campaigns capture the essence of the Quebec holiday experience. Family, friends, and good food! Over the years these touching, and even avant-garde stories have helped to lead the field of animation in Quebec, and we are proud to be part of this chapter together with agency of record Sid Lee. The objective this year was to make people laugh and to cry, with a story about an eccentric aunt, her family, and her not-so-tasty meatloaf. With humour playing a stronger role, we needed to strike a balance between honouring the design style of years past while adding a dash of comic exaggeration to the recipe.
  • Client


  • Agency

    Sid Lee

  • Director

    Joe Bluhm

  • 3D Supervisor and Co-Director

    Fabien Fulchiron

  • Executive Producer

    Stefanie Bitton

  • Producers

    Catherine Gaucher, Frédérique Parenteau

  • Coordinators

    Stefen Lamontagne, Ana Fino, Elisa Cura

  • Creative Strategist

    Jay Mark Caplan

  • Storyboards

    Joe Bluhm

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We wanted these characters to be relatable and representative of the modern multicultural Quebec family. We also wanted to create unforgettable personalities that become a cherished part of the holidays this year! We tried to stretch the proportions and features just a bit in certain characters to communicate strong personalities and bring some silly fun to their expressions when tasting Loulou’s meat loaf.

From boardomatic to final film, this project was a labour of love. Have a look at a making-of process below!


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