Goin' Off ft. Vince Staples | Ghost Kidz

Step into the world of Ghost Kidz! LiL' ILL and Filth-E join forces with Vince Staples in their electrifying debut video, "Goin' Off." TONIC DNA is thrilled to be part of this exciting Superplastic project! Academy Award-nominee Robert Valley brings his trademark hyper-graphic and unmistakable animation style to the first chapter in this multi-part video series. Desert-saturated colors, distorted designs, and blended 3D and 2D techniques create a rambunctious trip into a new sonic universe.
  • Director

    Robert Valley

  • Executive Producer

    Stefanie Bitton

  • Producer

    Frédérique Parenteau

  • Production Coordinator

    Stefen Lamontagne

  • Technical Coordinator

    Elisa Cura

  • Concept, animatic and designs

    Robert Valley

  • 3D TEAM

  • CG Supervisor

    Kim Fredette

  • Modelling Artists

    Kim Fredette, Lisandre Thériault-Brunet, Maxime Pelletier

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There was a total collaboration between lighting and comp, where what came out of 3D lighting renders wasn't meant to be close to the final look, but to give as many tools to comp to achieve the stylized result. The FX portion was entirely done with a 2D style in traditional animation and is present across both universes. This creates a common thread between both portions of the video.

We also used Substance Painter and Photoshop for texture generation and a Ragdoll plugin to generate the hair animation.







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