Kellogg’s & Leo Burnett 70th anniversary

Before Tony the Tiger, there was Newt the Gnu. This video for Leo Burnett Toronto, for which we handled the 2D animation, celebrates their longstanding history with Kellog’s with a story about an abandoned mascot who was almost the face of Frosted Flakes... We pulled the aesthetic for Newt the Gnu from vintage Kellogg’s cereal mascot references like Tony the Tiger or Snap, Crackle and Pop. The animation was done in traditional limited animation technique inspired by TV advertisements of the era, using Harmony software to create a 2D cutout style. We love the tongue in cheek retro vibe and Newt’s down-on-his-luck charm. Check it out!
  • Leo Burnett Toronto


  • Circle Productions

    Production Company

  • Tim Hamilton


  • Mat Barkley

    Director of Photography

  • Karen Tameanko

    Executive Producer

  • Amanda Field


  • Stefanie Bitton

    Animation Executive Producer

  • Nadim Shartouni

    Animation Producer

  • Todd Shaffer

    Animation Director

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