The Desjardins GoodSpark Fund supports collective, inclusive and positive projects for community welfare. For this campaign, the concept of the drawn line appearing over live action film is meant to reveal positive stories and highlight the impact of projects supported by the fund. Production studio Cinélande came to Tonic DNA to bring this animation idea to life and help inspire the same fascination for audiences as a work in a museum. We hope you like it!
  • Malcolm Sutherland

    Animation Director

  • Myriam Arsenault


  • Alien Ma Alfonso


  • Frédérique Parenteau


  • Bleublancrouge, Glassroom


  • Mélanie Charbonneau


  • Nicolas Fransolet

    Social Content Director

  • Cinélande / Alex Ertaskiran, Geneviève Sylvestre

    Production House

  • Post 430 / Isabelle Borduas


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We needed to achieve an organic, hand-drawn aesthetic as a way of reflecting the humanistic nature of the fund projects. The director shot on 16mm film, giving the footage an extra quality of warmth as a canvas for animation. The final approach was a mix of rich organic watercolours, acrylic paints, and line work to delineate more specific shapes. The drawings were produced digitally using TVPaint, with textures sourced from real wet media.

Besides the television ads, we also helped animate a series of short documentary films about people impacted by the fund, as well as pre-roll videos highlighting specific areas of investment and community impact.


Creating the comp for this project was simple, but the team spent a lot of effort on getting the timing just right. We wanted the animation to feel lyrical and flowing, and we worked together with the editor to massage the edit to fit the animation. We worked on this project more like a film than a commercial campaign, with a lot of collaborative process and artistic integrity in order to do justice to these great community action projects. Below are some of our stylistic experiments as we explored different approaches to the illustration style.

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