A fast-paced comedy series about how a 12-year-old boy, Monty Winterbottom, a Yeti named Pooka and their friend Tammy uncover the mysteries and oddities of Antartica.

Created from the imagination of BAFTA Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated writer/director Cordell Barker.

Monty Winterbottom has always been obsessed with Antartica. He lives with his mom, the lead astronomer for the South Pole observatory, but he spends all of his time with his excitable friend Tammy, and his monstrous buddy Pooka, a South Pole Yeti. The three of them wind up getting into loads of fun and mischief in the whimsical and mysterious world of Winterbottom. Our dynamic trio cross paths with some very weird Characters: Higgs, a ship-wrecked Alien, Waddles, a megalomaniacal penguin, and Monty's mysterious Uncle Klaus, who struts around with his own penguin entourage, like he's King of the South Pole (and he just may be) It only gets weirder from there. It seems that no matter where they go, odd things keep occurring in every episode. Soon, Monty, Tammy, and their best-friend Pooka find themselves crossing paths with Ice Sharks, battling Frost Giants, and exploring hidden tropical oasis in the middle of the coldest place on earth. It may look stark and uninhabitable on the surface, but underneath all that snow lays a never-before-seen world of fun and absurdity!

Welcome to Winterbottom, a wacky and comical place!