''This series is borne out of the transformative and liberating years that I spent backpacking through Asia as a young man. At the time I was leaving behind a difficult situation at home in order to chart my own path, but what I found was something so surprising, mysterious, and ultimately delightful, that I carry it with me to this day. This series is an ode to those years."

-Malcolm Sutherland

At its heart, this series is built around the basic need to bust loose and discover our place in a vast universe. Far in the future, backpacking is a common right of passage on many worlds. This is a rich and boundless universe; a wondrous place full of adventure and mystery where travel is commonplace. For our heroes, inter-stellar backpacking can sometimes seem exhilarating and hilarious, and at other times shocking and dangerous. It is a liberating and empowering experience for those who are about to come of age. While out on the road, new friends are made and deep bonds are forged as the travelers discover that they are not alone. Whether the type to plan methodically or just go with the flow, the distinct character of each backpacker is brought forth as they must order food, deal with strange locals, and find a place to stay each night to plan their next adventure. This sense of self-expression, freedom, and discovery are the at the foundation of the show.

Backpackers - annotated-2