Fate decreed that four young travelers from the far reaches of the galaxy would meet and join together on their circuitous path to somewhere else.

Cut loose and on their own in the underbelly of the civilized universe, they heed only the call of the moment as they hop from system to system, from one world to the next and from hostel to hostel.

Their daily smorgasbord of adventures includes visiting exotic places, being swept up by local rituals, and staying the night in the woolliest accommodation fathomable, all in the name of fun, travel and adventure.

Holly is a girl who knows what she knows and is forever a stop away from her first year at college.

Joe Banana is a lost playboy who enjoys life’s little pleasures. Ros, gentle Ros, is out to explore the universe in the bubble of her parents love. And Hektor – a refugee from a crumbling planet – is bound to the group until his bitter debt is paid.

Together these four wanderers are united on their meandering path towards the next elsewhere.

Backpackers - annotated-2