From Academy Award nominee Cordell Barker we bring you a new vision of Christmas as seen from the skewed perspective of the ANTA CLAUS, the lesser-known CLAUS of the South Pole. The ANTA CLAUS isn’t particularly mean, but he’s irascible, lonely, and BLUE. literally. Anyone would be blue living at the coldest place on Earth with only squawking penguins for company. He can’t help being terribly jealous of SANTA CLAUS, his polar opposite, who lucked out and snagged the famous end of the world!

Maybe it’s time for a change!

This Holiday Special introduces a new, lovable, but extremely flawed, opposite to the famous ‘northern elf.’ Dedicated to the misfits of the holiday season, this TV special will appeal to everyone. The ANTA CLAUS – an unexpected spin on the Christmas world.

Ice Flow Split
AC Dive Over Penguin
AC FAces Eleph Seal