Born in Toronto, Howard has been producing animated TV spots in Montreal for well over two decades. After completing his film degree at Ryerson University in Toronto, where he received the Jeffery Renaud/Bessie Award, he went on to work in live-action production for the Partners and McWaters Film companies in Toronto, before returning to Montreal and cutting his animation teeth with Pascal Blais and Bernard Lajoie.

Howard quickly expanded the studio’s client base into areas outside of Montreal including introducing the roster to agencies in the US, Mexico, Europe and Middle-East.

Within a few years, he was producing spots for many multi-national clients including Nestlé, out of JWT, Dubai which won the Spot award within their network of agencies.

Over the years, Howard has worked with many internationally acclaimed animation directors - most notably Academy Award® nominees, Cordell Barker, Steffen Schaeffler and Alexander Petrov. With Petrov he produced two-award winning spots for United Airlines and Coca-Cola, bringing to life, for the first time, their famous oil-painted Santa icon.

So true to the original artwork created by Haddon Sundblom in the 1930s, this spot received many remarks from people happy to see it back on air after 50 years! Currently Howard continues to help broaden and define the innovative growth of the studio while developing content for TV and film with partners’ Bernard Lajoie and Stefanie Bitton.